Who and How to Refer to PEIP

What is The Prevention and Early Intervention Program?

The Prevention and Early Intervention Program (PEIP) has two components prevention and first episode treatment. Our prevention program offers assessment, engagement and support for youth who are considered at ultra-high risk for developing a psychotic illness.

The first episode program is called DeKalb LIGHT ETP. This is an evidence-based treatment package for those in their first episode of psychosis to maintain adaptive functioning and prevent decompensation.

What Services does PEIP offer?

•Engagement, assessment, and support for young people at ultra-high risk for the development of a psychotic illness
•After school activities for at-risk, first episode of psychosis clients, and their families.
•Individual and group therapy
•Cognitive remediation
•Supported education or employment
•Psychiatric services
•Peer support services
•Community education and outreach
•A supportive online social media platform for youth and parents

Who Should I Refer to: The Prevention Program?

Youth with a family history of a relative with a psychotic disorder are eligible for our prevention program. These youth may currently have no symptoms, or may already be experiencing difficulties in one or more of the following areas:

•Social withdraw
•Marked decline in school achievement
•Increased difficulty in concentrating
•Loss of motivation
•Loss of energy to participate in activities
•Nervousness, restlessness, and/or poor sleep

Who Should I Refer to: First Episode of Psychosis Program?

Young adults that are experiencing a first episode of psychosis can be referred for DeKalb LIGHT ETP services. Those young adults should be:

•Age range: 16–25 years
•Concern that psychosis is present but young adult has not received a diagnosis of a psychotic disorder.
•Have received a diagnosis of: schizophrenia, schizoaffective and schizo phreniform disorders, delusional disorder,psychosis not otherwise specified (NOS)
•Experiencing psychotic symptoms: more than 1 week and less than 18 months

All PEIP inquiries and referrals should be made to:

Rachel Weissman, LCSW
Director of PEIP
Phone: 404.508.7971

LIGHT ETP is sponsored in part by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities